This tour takes in the pinnacle of the Third Reich’s (what in todays language you would call marketing) Global Talisman to their vision and Architectural achievements. Originally built as a ‘Tee Haus’ (English Tea House) for the Fuhrer to walk to, the building had a far more important role in impressing foreign dignitaries to the accomplishments and visionary of the Third Reich. After visiting you will see why this legendary place was so effective in what it was trying to achieve, that of a visual engineering master piece. Discover the history of its construction, use, legacy and how the Eagles nest slotted into the surrounding area occupied by the elite of the Nazi Party. Other things to see are the stunning lake Konigsee and the surrounding landscape.

Bavaria Tour at a glance


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  • Private groups any size
  • Limousine available for 1-2 people for those really special trips (additional cost)
  • Longer combined multi trips can be arranged with accommodation
  • Traditional Bavarian lederhosen worn by guide
  • No set script every tour is uniquely arranged around your preferred interests
  • No set itinerary the day is fluid around what you experience and see
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About Me

Well they say that many people fall into their job and I think you can say that of me. Born in the UK, I spent many years being dragged to the deepest corners of the English countryside by my adventurous parents most weekends and holidays. This gave me my desire to travel and explore. The rest of Europe beckoned as I became older and the arrival of no frills airlines made trips to the mainland very affordable. On one of these numerous trips I discovered the delights of Germany. I instantly fell in Love with Germany and then later Bavaria. Many a peoples have the Oktoberfest to blame for marriage, of which I am now one of them! After being pestered by visiting relatives and friends combined with my former experience of organising European trips with Orchestras I had played in, (I play the Trumpet a little), I decided to give up the day job and do what I feel so passionate about, Bavaria! Two years after moving to Germany, I discovered my Grandfather had cycled past my front door 70 years earlier! What a small world we live in.